Travel Art Exhibition: Bridging the Gap: Comics, Illustrations, and Fine Art of Dave Alber

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This exhibition has changed. Bridging the Gap has turned into Contact.

Dave Alber’s exhibition Bridging the Gap is an experiment in “narrative space”. It brings work from three disciplines (comics, illustrations, and fine art) into one unique narrative space. 

Its location in WangDe Art Space brings art to a residential setting, reminding us that art is not only for museums, but is actually far more accessible and even intimate. In this environment, images and text (in English and Chinese) pulse between media-based, utilitarian, and purely aesthetic contexts… blurring the boundaries between each in a truly international context. The foreign and domestic blend together and “bridge the cultural gap” through communications in both languages and the purely aesthetic realm beyond language. Narrative becomes space… and space becomes a social and experiential aesthetic whole. 

Check out Dave Alber’s Hybrid Oil 360° Panoramic VR Paintings here: Old World New World, Suzhou Hilton 360°, Temple of Mystery 360°, Suzhou Center 360°, Twin Pagodas 360°.

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